Reporter Bio: Amber Weiss

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Ever since Amber Skye Weiss was a child, she was always interested in watching the news, and this is what inspired her to go into journalism. She has an older brother named Sebastian, and she admires her dad the most because, if she ever has a problem, he is always there to listen to her. Her definition of happiness is being somewhere peaceful, without any conflict. Her most memorable traveling experience was when she went on trips to Dollywood in Tennessee. During one of the plays featured there, her grandfather would sing along to the oldies’ music they played.

Weiss would like to be remembered as funny, nice, and the kind of person that one would go to talk to if they have a problem. If Weiss could have lived in any era, apart from now, she would have loved to live in the Roaring ‘20s era because of the changes that were brought about during this time, especially those for women. For historical figures, she admires our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln, because he stood up for equal rights, and she respects that. The main lessons she has learned in life are to stay true to yourself and treat others with the same respect as you would treat yourself. Her favorite subject is history because it is always interesting to her. She has a fear of giant birds, such as ostriches and elephant birds.

By Isabella Balthaser

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