Reporter Bio: Ripley Price

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Ripley Price was born in Sydney, Australia, on 27 October 1999. Price was born to Elaine and Geoffrey Price. She is a middle child between her sister and her brother. This is her fourth year in journalism. She is the first person to achieve this goal. This is Price’s second year as journalism president.

In ten years, Price sees herself being a college graduate and financially stable. She is unsure of which college she’d like to attend, but Price wants to major in business management. She is currently a camp counselor. Price enjoys English as a subject because of its “open- endedness.” She enjoys writing news articles about anything but 14-inch baseball articles.

Price has been to four countries: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and America. She enjoyed New Zealand the most. If Price could solve one world issue, she would solve the lack of clean water in the world today.

By Morgan Althouse

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