Field of Screams Begins 2017 Scare Season

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Do you like to have your pants scared off? If so, Field of Screams may be right for you!

Initially founded by brothers Gene and Jim Schopf in 1993, Field of Screams features four separate haunted attractions: The Haunted Hayride, The Frightmare Asylum Haunted House, The Den of Darkness Horror Barn, and The Nocturnal Wasteland Haunted Trail.

They were the first businessmen to use the name “Field of Screams,” and ever since, it has become a popular name for other businesses, despite other businesses not being affiliated with the brothers’ organization.

There are three different types of passes to use in order to enter the attraction.

The Double Combo, where one may visit two out of four attractions, costs $29 per person. The Triple Combo, where one may visit three, costs $32 per person. And lastly, the Scream Pass, where one has the opportunity to visit all four of the attractions, costs $34 per person.

It is also recommended to visit their one-night only Extreme Blackout Night on 10 November 2017.

The Schopf brothers introduced the Haunted Hayride in their first year of production, which instantly flourished. They then added the Den of Darkness to their attraction in 1995, created from one of their family’s barns.

There are also job opportunities to become a scare actor at Field of Screams.

“Becoming a scare actor at Field of Screams is a ton of fun. It is very rewarding when you scare someone and see their reactions. It is also much more demanding than most people think. Sometimes it is hot, and some of the nights are very long. But in the end, the more people you have to scare, the better,” co-owner of Field of Screams Jim Schof said.

If you wish to attend Field of Screams, you should expect to get scared out of your wits.

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