Reporter Bio: Isabella Balthaser

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  Isabella Rosalie Balthaser goes by the nickname Bella. Balthaser’s ideal job would be either forensics, because she likes the idea of looking into the mind of a criminal and seeing their point of view rather than the media’s, writing, or something medical-related. She loves learning and is an avid reader. Her favorite music genres are alternative grunge and alternative rock. Bella’s favorite movie is Wuthering Heights.

  Her parents influenced her to be open-minded and empathetic, and her friends say she is a great person to talk to. Of the people in her family, she admires her mother the most because she believes in her dreams of becoming a writer. Balthaser’s most memorable trip was when she went to New York with her mom’s friend because they went all over, and she had a really good time. If she could relive ten minutes of her life forever, it would be when she had writer’s block, because she says she came up with some of her best ideas in the process. One of her favorite songs is Don’t Stop Believing by Journey because it is upbeat and she used to listen to it growing up.

Balthaser loves dark colors (dark blue, purple, red, black, etc.). Her favorite shows are Supernatural, because she likes how the characters are relatable, and American Horror Story, because it talks about some historical events sometimes, and she thinks that’s cool. She would be able to give a forty-minute presentation on Supernatural because the show has lots of meaning and symbolism, and she loves it. Her favorite book from childhood is The Digging-est Dog by Al Perkins. Balthaser’s favorite animal is a Bull Mastiff because she thinks they’re adorable. Her favorite game as a child was Guitar Hero. If Bella could have any car, she would want a black 1967 Chevy Impala.

By Amber Weiss

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