Is Jake McGarry the Sweetest Senior?

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Jacob Tyler McGarry is viewed by some as one of the greatest students to grace the halls of Fleetwood. He is a quiet guy who is well-respected and admired by students and teachers alike.

Jake McGarry was born on 4 June 20000. McGarry was born in Pennsylvania.  He moved here in seventh grade and has been a star ever since.

October 23rd, 2014, is a day that has long lived in infamy. On that day, The Tiger Times published the article, “Is Jake McGarry the Nicest Ninth-Grader?” Almost three years to the day later, the Times asks a follow up question that has plagued the minds of students since that first printing: “Is Jake McGarry the Sweetest Senior?”

Fellow senior George Shrum calls McGarry a “Friend.”

“He is fabulous–absolutely the greatest person ever,” English teacher Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson said.

“He is a fine upstanding young man and one of the politest people I know,” librarian Mr. Kirby Barnett said.

As evidenced by the testimonies provided, the answer is clear: Jake McGarry is indeed the sweetest senior.

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