Fleetwood Library Set to Undergo Five-Year Change

Posted on October 17, 2017 by


The high school library is about to become so much more for students, both current and incoming. 

Mr. Kirby Barnett, the school librarian, has begun very early stages of work on a proposal for the school board to enact a five-year conversion of the library into an all-purpose multimedia space. The goal is to create a space where students cannot just check out books and do research but also to 3D print and create media, as opposed to simply consuming it.

Mr. Barnett also has a model/map of the current layout of the library and the proposed changes to help him and the school board visualize the proposed changes. Some changes have already taken place, with Mr. Gaston’s TV Media equipment being moved to a specific room in the library, including cameras and sound equipment. Some Apple Mac computers with Adobe editing software have also been set up in the library for the use of all students.

But students should not be expecting the library to become something completely unrecognizable.   

“I still want the books to be here, and I still want the student’s Internet resources to be here, but I want to add to those things,” Barnett said.

“I think it’ll be a good thing for future students because it adds a technological edge to the learning environment,” senior Joshua Nasados said.

This “edge” can then trickle down and be the beginning of the district taking bigger leaps into having a more technological and modern learning environment.

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