The Nasados Siblings Steal the Variety Show

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At the Fleetwood Area High School Homecoming Variety Show, two student’s performances stuck out, performances that are sure to become legendary in the years to come. These performances were by beloved members of the student body, Joshua and Veronica Nasados.

But why and how did these two come to be in the variety show?

To start off, Josh’s story was one of pure circumstance. He had to stay after to school to do some work for Mrs. Ackerman, and, while there, he was convinced by another student to go to the student council meeting for the show. When he arrived at the meeting, the idea came up for him to be an integral part of the senior’s segment: dancing in a dress to Nicki Minaj’s popular track, “Starships.”

According to Josh Nasados, the impetus of the dress idea was to, “embody the essence of Minaj herself.”

Josh picked up the dress for a mere $7.00 at a local Goodwill.

As for Veronica Nasados, it was more of a spur of the moment decision, as was her now infamous onstage dance. And while her brother was nervous about going on stage, she was not.

To answer the question of which sibling outshined the other, the student body seems to have a definite favorite, and it is Veronica. A Twitter poll resulted in her winning with 66% of the votes.

The amount of cheers for Veronica Nasados were immense,” senior Matt Cammarano said.

The siblings seem to be on the same page themselves, both feeling Veronica outshined her older brother.

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