Classcraft Makes Fleetwood Debut In Algebra I

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Teachers are always looking for ways to make their lessons more interesting and engaging to students. Fleetwood math teacher Ms. Amy Schlott is no different, having recently introduced Classcraft to her Algebra 1 classes.

“For me, I think Classcraft has helped a lot.  You still learn the same, but with a twist on it. It’s easier to pay attention when you get a random event that has a certain team talk in a different voice or something else. I always make sure to stay on top of my homework now so I don’t lose XP and hurt my team.” freshman Brigid Pickar said.

Miss Schlott found Classcraft from a video ad and was intrigued, so she decided to demo a class with it. The response she received was overwhelming.

“Most of my students really seem to be enjoying Classcraft so far. Every day they ask to do a ‘Random Event.’ There was a day I had to begin class by singing the theme song to SpongeBob SquarePants and another day where we had to say, ‘meow’ after every sentence we spoke… and of course, it was a day that I was doing a lot of the talking! I look forward to what Classcraft adventures lie in the days ahead,” Schlott said.

The Times also reached out to Classcraft and managed to talk to CEO Shawn Young, a former teacher of 10 years, about Classcraft and how it’s been helping students.

“It was always an RPG – when you think about it, the progress of a player in an RPG is really similar to a student’s progress in real life. They do things, gain experience, get better, work in teams. The feedback loops in RPGs are super effective.  There is a real pleasure to leveling up. Also, MMORPGs have really solid team dynamics, and we wanted to mimic that in the classroom. We love it! I was a teacher for 10 years, and it’s really our mission to transform education. Every teacher that uses Classcraft is helping build positive environments for students,” Young said.

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