FBLA Craft Show a Fun Time for All

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FBLA held a craft show on 18 November. It will not only help FBLA but also the senior class as well.

The craft show started at 9:00 a.m and ended at 3:00. Anyone could go, and it was free to enter. The entrance was through the doors across from auditorium. FBLA members and seniors sold food at the concession stand.

Profits from the craft show were split between FBLA and the seniors. The money will be used to help with graduation and for FBLA workshops. There were about 150 vendors there. Students who volunteered received pay they could use towards FBLA activities.

The vendors there were selling some very cool things that were worth checking out. Natalie Schappell and Emily Jones were selling knit hats and scarves. They came in a variety of colors and were handmade. They were $8. German Club sold advent calendars for $4.

“The craft show is a unique way to buy gifts,” senior Amanda Beidler said.

“There was a very friendly atmosphere,” junior Madeline Burt said.

“I thought the craft show had a lot of great work, and all of the things there had their own originality,” sophomore Ashley Unger said.  

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