Annual Shakespeare Trip Goes to Drexel

Posted on February 7, 2018 by


This spring, English teacher Mr. Marc Walter and a group of Fleetwood Area High School students will be going on a field trip to Drexel University in Philadelphia to see a play of Shakespeare’s famous work “Romeo and Juliet.”

“One cannot truly appreciate his plays until they experience them as they were intended–performed, not read. I have seen students weep, gasp, and laugh out loud over the years.  That almost never happens in class while reading his plays,” Walter said.

Walter talked about how students benefit by having an understanding of Shakespearean literature. Shakespeare had a great insight into human emotions, insights which are still very relevant today.

“While technology and the scope of knowledge available at our fingertips has changed immensely since Shakespeare’s time, human emotion has remained relatively the same. Simply witnessing Shakespeare’s insight to what motivates people emotionally is a learning experience that still applies to all of us,” Walter said.

Students will also be able to experience the culture of Philadelphia and Drexel university. There are only 18 tickets left ,and they cost $40 each.

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