Winter Pep Rally a Spirited Success

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The winter season Pep Rally was on 3 February, and it was a big success,  getting students into the school spirit.

The high school students saw and were able to participate in a variety of activities and games. These included musical chairs, snowman, and tug of war.

The snowman game was where different sports teams competed to see who could cover one of the teammates head-to-toe in toilet paper in the shortest amount of time. History teachers Mr. Paul Kochanasz and Ms. Susan Nagle at one point chipped in to help out with the wrestling team.

Musical chairs was a very intense competition.

“It’s a real shame because I’m pretty sure I got the chair first,” senior Justin Hawkins said.

The tug of war was also an incredibly intense competition. Students from all grades tried their best to beat each other, but ultimately the junior class came out on top as the champions.

“The tug of war was really entertaining as always, although it’s unfortunate that the juniors won,” senior Dan Kramlich said.

The pep rallies are alway a great way to get students amped up with school spirit.

“I just really enjoy hanging out with my friends and seeing all the games and stuff. It’s a good way to get people excited about school, so that’s good too,” senior Josh Nasados said.

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