New Tech Plan Set to Affect Incoming Freshmen

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New plans are in the works for a technology remodel within the middle school and high school. Next year, Chromebooks will be given to the incoming  freshman. The current freshman will have class sets of Chromebooks as well.

Each core subject will have class sets, (Math, Science, and Social Studies). Over time, the Chromebooks will be implemented throughout the school grade-by-grade.

By utilizing the Chromebooks, students will receive better access to technology while faculty receives professional development through Discovery education.

“Even though the plan won’t affect me, I’m glad that the chromebooks will be used for the betterment of education,” junior Kyley Agostinelli said.     

By using these Chromebooks, the ability to perform more diligently with the improved access provides a good starting point to implement newer technology into the school. Personal sets will be given to the incoming freshman. Class sets will be given to next year’s tenth graders.  

“Chromebooks are cloud-based, constructed to run exclusively by browser, with no installations on the computer. This unique design allows zero accessible networks to be attacked. Chromebooks do not require active firewalls, or antivirus and anti-malware software. Filesystem encryption is not necessary as only identified users can view files,” said.

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