Film Club Hosts Annual Lock-In

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On 20 April, a group of high school students who are part of Fleetwood’s film club participated in the annual overnight film club lock-in with club advisors Mr. Sean D. Gaston, Mr. Zachary Steven Houp, and Mrs. Erin Barnett.

They watched a marathon of 7 films. The films were Miami Connection, The Disaster Artist, The Post, Edge of 17, Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, and Good Time.

It was the goal of some students to stay up all night and watch all of the films, although that rarely happens.

“I usually don’t stay up all night.  There’s always going to be one boring movie that’s easy to sleep through,” junior Aydan Tregear said.

Some members of Film Club are in the senior class, so this was their last lock-in experience.

“It was nice attending this event because, after this, there isn’t really a big thing that the whole group is going to do, so it’s nice going out with a bang,” senior Joshua Nasados said.

Some films have received a lot of buzz within the ranks of film club, most of which being the cult classic Miami Connection.

“The movies I’m most looking forward to are The Disaster Artist and Miami Connection, which I’ve been waiting for film club to watch the last three years,” Tregear said.

Film Club will continue into future years. If any cinema-loving students are interested, they should sign up.

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