Facebook under Fire for Breach of Privacy

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Cambridge Analytica, a data firm linked to President Trump and Facebook has been under legal fire lately.

Cambridge Analytica used a quiz app to look at data of 50 million Facebook users for political ad marketing. These 50 million users did not consent to have their data collected, so now social media outlets and people who obtain social media are in an uproar. This controversy is now being investigated by Federal and State officials.

Facebook is currently under a Breach of Privacy lawsuit. A privacy breach is an unauthorized disclosure of personal confidential information that violates state or federal laws.

When a privacy breach occurs, there are certain steps that need to be taken. The DHCS (California Department of Health Care Services) will investigate all alleged breaches of personal confidential information that may be reported. After the DHCS, the Privacy Officer will determine the necessary level of response to reduce potential harm when the DHCS is made aware of the breach. If the privacy breach involves any technology or unencrypted confidential information, then the state breach notification law may be effected.

“I have heard about the Facebook controversy, and it is really bad. It is not right what they did, and everyone involved should be put in  jail. I have not deleted my Facebook account because I only heard about the controversy a couple days ago, but I really need to delete it soon. Mark Zuckerberg is to blame because it is his company and he should be held responsible,” junior Lydia Santiago said.

“Well, it is just ridiculous that they stole confidential data. Zuckerberg is to blame in a way,” junior Kylee Paules  said.

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