Trump Declares U.S. Trade War With China

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With President Donald Trump’s continued probes into China’s trade practices, relations between the two countries have become tense.

Starting in April 2017, President Trump directed the Department of Commerce to investigate if imports of foreign steel from China and other countries could be a threat to national security. The Chinese Government believes this will poison relations between the two countries.

Trump also announced that he would impose tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese exports. And in March 2018, the US imposed a 25% tariff on steel imports from China and other nations. China responded by imposing tariffs on US imports worth around $3 billion.

In August 2017, Trump launched a second probe for “unfair” china trade practices. Trump described his actions targeting China as “the first of many.”

“It is impolite not to reciprocate,” Beijing representatives said.

They also promised a “fight to the end.”

The Chinese government also stated that this trade war would have no winners.

As recent as April 2018, tensions continued to rise between the two countries as the United States dealt a potentially crippling blow to a big Chinese tech company and Beijing hit out at a major American export crop.

“If the US continues to act recklessly…we stand ready to show our sword, and fight to win this battle to defend multilateralism and free trade,” Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman for China’s ministry of foreign affairs said.

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