May Hosts 41st School Shooting in 2018

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On 18 May 2018, Dimitrios Pagourtzis shot ten people in an art classroom during first period. It was the forty-first school shooting in 2018.

It is claimed that the seventeen-year-old shooter was bullied in school.  Pagourtzis was also wearing a trench-coat and a “born to kill” shirt. According to NBC News,  Dustin Servin, a student at the school said that, “He’s been picked on by coaches before, for smelling bad and stuff like that.”

However, the district claims that is untrue. Servin also claimed that the trench-coat Pagourtzis was wearing was part of his normal attire.

“I turned around, and I saw the kid who’s in my football class. I see him every day, and I saw him with a shotgun,” Zachary Muehe said. “Next thing you know, we hear these loud boom, boom, boom sounds coming from the right of us, and all the administrators and teachers are saying, ‘Run! Run! Run,” student Dakota Shrader said.

“We grieve for the terrible loss of life, and send our support and love to everyone affected by this horrible attack in Texas. To the students, families, teachers and personnel at Santa Fe High School – we are with you in this tragic hour, and we will be with you forever,” President Donald Trump said.

Since this was the 41st school shooting, a lot of people are wondering what is going to be done about the ongoing nature of the problem. Of the ten people killed, two were teachers, and the rest were students. There were also at least ten people injured as well. Students from Stoneman Douglas High School, where another school shooting happened, expressed their condolences as well.

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