Reporter Bio: Madison McElwee

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Madison Leigh McElwee was born on 14 September 2001 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Three qualities that make up her friendly personality are intelligence, emotion, and reliability. She chose to write for the Fleetwood Area High School Newspaper because she loves to write and wanted Mr. Houp as a teacher one last time.

Madison’s aspirations in life are to attend Penn State, study forensics, and then attend Medical School to become a Forensic Pathologist. Television shows that inspired her to pursue this field of interest are Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU. McElwee is very dedicated to her studies because she is currently interning at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. After school, you can find Madi working at the Fairgrounds Market or playing softball. She also loves to read, write stories, and watch the Princess Bride. McElwee has an obsession with Ed Sheeran and would love to visit Ireland, which is his birthplace. Madi is always ready for a debate because she loves to speak her mind on today’s politics and her hate for Donald Trump. Real news is ready to be reported by Madison McElwee.

By Madeline Feichtel

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