Reporter Bio: Samuel Schappell

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Sam was born on 21 February 2001 in Reading, PA. Schappell has lived in Fleetwood his entire life and has a sister named Haley. After high school, Schappell wants to attend Syracuse and study broadcast journalism, which is a big reason for him joining journalism. Sam also takes part in many extracurricular activities, including soccer and basketball, as well as being a part of TV media and Science Olympiad. Schappell takes academics seriously by being a part of NHS and Rho Kappa. Schappell’s political standpoint is liberal, and he and his sister are members of the Human Race Community.

“Do what makes you happy” is one of Sam’s philosophies. It relates to his belief that everyone should find a passion and pursue it, and nothing should be holding back your happiness. In fact, if Schappell could travel anywhere in the world, he would tour Europe for the interesting views and the amazing soccer.

Along with writing, Schappell loves TV production and has a strong appreciation for film, especially documentaries. Sam’s favorite teacher is Mr. Gaston. In his spare time, he enjoys watching The Office and listening to music, preferably either alternative or rap. Since Schappell was a kid, he always had a celebrity crush on Willow Shields. Schappell is an intelligent and athletic senior that hopes to have a good last year.

By Jessica Carlin

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