FAHS Field Hockey

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It is Field Hockey season!

The Field Hockey team is filled with many amazing players, all coached by Joyce Angstadt, Meagan Keenan, and Beth Breisch. The varsity captains are all juniors: Paige Garrett, Stephanie Hegedus, Melinda Alicea, and Madison Speece. The junior varsity representative is also a junior, Sydney Mahmood.

Paige Garrett began playing Field Hockey nine years ago because she wanted a new sport to play. Garrett then fell in love with the sport and adores her position of center offensive mid.

Stephanie Hegedus has been playing for seven years with her position of defense. She first joined to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Melinda Alicea has been playing for eight years on her position of defensive mid.

Madison Speece has played her position of forward for 8 years. Sydney Mahmood is fairly new to playing, with only three years under her belt. She too plays offensive mid.

There are many reasons to attend the Fleetwood field hockey games. Here is what some of the players had to say on why they want students to come watch them play.

“The level of intensity and the impressive and unique skills use”, Garrett said.

“People coming to our games encourages us to do better,” Mahmood said.

“The game is fun and easy to follow along with and interesting,” Hegedus said.

The team works very well together and the season is going well for the players.

”I have high hopes for this team,” Coach Angstadt said. “The team’s bond is strong.”

“The girls I have are very supportive, and I love them,” says Alicea.

The Fleetwood field hockey team is waiting to see some students at their next game.

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