Fleetwood Sends Students To FBLA Nationals

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From June 28 to July 1 in Baltimore, Maryland, the FBLA National Competition was held. Eight students from Fleetwood Area High Schoolstayed in the city to compete. Four of the students graduated last year, and four of the students from Fleetwood–Brooke Gorman, Leah Dewald, Caitlin Bower, and Faith Readinger–are all seniors this 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Kelly Ackerman, the FBLA advisor for Fleetwood, joined the students while they were competing.

“It was fun, and it was a lot better than I honestly expected it to be,” senior, Brooke Gorman said.

“The group of people who went were not typically people that I thought would all hang out together, but we all bonded and acted like we have been friends since kindergarten. It also was a great opportunity to meet new people all over the country,” Dewald said.

There were about 130 other teams they were competing against, and Brooke believes all those teams were probably just as nervous as her team.

“Yes, our group was nervous, but most teams probably were. I mean, there were so many teams; how could it not make you a little nervous,” Gorman said.

Even though they may not have won, it still helps individuals a lot for college and their life after school.

Most of their time was free time, and they spent it in the city. The Fleetwood students walked around Baltimore City and toured Annapolis. They shopped, tried new places to eat, went to an Orioles vs. Angels baseball game (where the fireworks were amazing, according to the group ).

“My favorite activity was sailing a boat. I never really thought I would sail a boat, but it was definitely my favorite thing I did when I was on the trip,” Gorman said.

Overall, the trip was a huge success and the students were happy with how it went, which to them, is the most important part.

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