Fetal Tissue Illegally Used for Research

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Fetal tissue is being used to further disease research. There is a law that must be followed to allow such research, and it was passed in 1993. A section of this law has recently been broken by Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR).

ABR, an alleged non-profit organization, is being accused of selling fetal tissue to clients such as the FDA for profit, and this is illegal. There was a report that ABR sold each organ for $325 when they only bought the aborted baby for $60.

Advanced Bioscience Research had a contract with the Food and Drug Administration, which is currently under investigation by Human and Health Services (HHS). Human and Health Services cancelled their contract on 24 September 2018.

This one-year contract with Advanced Bioscience Resources went into effect in July of 2018 for $15,900. The contract allowed Advanced Bioscience Resources to supply the FDA with fetal tissue acquired from abortion clinics. The FDA was using this tissue to humanize mice immune systems in order to test vaccines for viruses such as Zika.

The FDA has had contracts with Advanced Bioscience Resources since 2012. It was only in 2016 when the government questioned this facility.

Eighty-five members from the House of Representatives were angry with the FDA for allowing such a contract with the ABR. These representatives urged the Human and Health Services to cancel the contract, and they did.

“I believe they made the right decision in ending the contract,” pro-choice advocate Addie Procak said.

“I agree with the Trump administration for canceling the contract,” pro-life advocate Grace Hess said.

Anti-abortion groups are very pleased with the Human and Health Services; however, they wish HHS would terminate other fetal research contracts.

An anti abortion group named the Center for Medical Progress made videos that proved ABR was selling body parts for profit back in 2015. These videos played a role in calling for an investigation, and they are available on the Center for Medical Progress website.

It is uncertain when Trump’s administration will give more information regarding the contract, but Human and Health Services terminating the contract is the first step in the fight against fetus-trafficking.

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