FAHS Library Hosts ‘What’s in the Box’ Hunt

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“What’s in the Box?” is a code breaking, cipher solving scavenger hunt around the library here at Fleetwood High School. The hunt consists of 23 steps, each progressively more challenging than the last. Once completed, students find the key that opens the box, and they get their choice of prizes in the box.

“It is fun, rewarding, and challenging, but not short,” Mr. Barnett said.

The process is long and potentially frustrating, but nearly twenty students have participated this year.

“It was a fun challenge; it took much longer than we thought it would,” senior Matt Dybowski said.

Once students complete the steps that lead to finding the key to open the box, they get their choice of a prize in the box.

Students who feel they excel in problem-solving and code breaking will have a rewarding experience with this challenge.

“I enjoy a challenge, and this definitely delivered one,” senior Justin Kramer said. Many students find themselves in the library working on the scavenger hunt during study hall and other free time after school.

The challenge, in its second year now, is a bit more challenging than last year and will last all school year.

“The box will be there all year; anyone who wants to try to open it is welcome.” librarian Mr. Kirby Barnett.

A few people have completed the hunt and opened the box.  Seniors Matt Dybowski and Justin Kramer were the first duo to complete the hunt.

“It was very rewarding; it feels good to be the first to open it this year too,” Dybowski said.  He received a shirt from the box, and Justin received a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

“What is in the box has to remain a secret, but it has some pretty cool stuff,” Kramer said.

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