Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to U.S. Supreme Court

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Brett Michael Kavanaugh is an American judge and lawyer who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh graduated from Yale University with a degree in American History.

President Donald Trump nominated him to the Supreme Court on 8 July 2018 to fill the position vacated by retiring justice Anthony Kennedy.

Before Kavanaugh could even make it to the Supreme Court, sexual assault allegations were made against him. Palo Alto University Professor of Psychology, Christine Blasey Ford, contacted The Washington Post’s tip line with allegations that he sexually assaulted her in high school during the 1980s. Two other women accused him as well, but he denied all accusations.

At a rally in Mississippi on 2 October 2018, Trump presented his own version of Ford’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee at rally in Mississippi: “Ford: ‘I had one beer.’ Them: ‘How did you get home?’ Ford: ‘I do not remember.’ Them: ‘How did you get there?’ Ford: ‘I do not remember.’ Them: ‘Where is the place?’ Ford: ‘I do not remember.’ Them: ‘How many years ago was it?’ Ford: ‘I do not know.’ Them: ‘What neighborhood was it in?’ Ford: ‘I do not know.’ Them: ‘Where is the house?’ Ford: ‘I do not know.’ Them: ‘Upstairs, downstairs – where was it?’ Ford: ‘I do not know – but I had one beer. That is the only thing I remember.'”

Trump’s paraphrased version of the testimony was not completely accurate to the real testimony.

After the allegations, Brett said the last two weeks had ruined his life.

“My family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed. I was not at the party described by Dr. Ford. This nomination process has become a national disgrace. Since my nomination in July, there has been a frenzy on the left to come up with something – anything – to block my confirmation,” Kavanaugh said.

After all of this, the United States senate voted 50-48 to confirm judge Brett Kavanaugh. This handed Donald Trump a major victory and America a bench that is expected to lean to the right.

“I do not believe that Kavanaugh assaulted anyone because there has been no prime evidence for me to believe that it happened. The witnesses called to the stand did not even know who he was, and said he was never at that party. They only spoke out now because they want to diminish his name and do not want him on the court because they feel that it would be conservative bias. Ford does not remember anything because she is lying and poorly fabricated the story in an attempt to ruin Kavanaugh,” FAHS junior Nathan Nahrgang said.

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