Fake National Honors Society Scams Students

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A misleading honor society is scamming high school students across the country. The National Society of High School Scholars misleads students into thinking they are joining the National Honor Society and asks them to pay a $60 membership fee.

The NSHSS sends a letter of invitation over the summer to high school students. The letter includes their school name on the invitation even though there is no correlation. This confusion leads students to think it’s a school organization, but it is not.

There have been several complaints from students and parents that they have never heard from the organization again once they sent the $60. NSHSS promises students scholarship opportunities, and while this is true, there is a catch: you have a very small chance of winning these scholarships.

The fact of the matter is, high school students do not have to pay money to actually get into their school’s Honor Society. It is earned, not bought. The NSHSS is tricking young adults into paying for a title and taking away real accomplishments.

Even though there are scholarship opportunities, a person should never have to pay to apply. There are plenty of scholarships that are available without a fee . Most students think that this society will help on their college applications, but it will not. Colleges want to see what you like to do, not what you will pay to be apart of.

“This is an organization that asks students to be a part of it,” Karen Long, the University of Miami’s assistant Vice President of admissions office, said.

“My son has yet to see scholarships that the NSHSS offers, would like to get a full refund,” wrote an anonymous comment on the Better Business Bureau.

“I will definitely not join this fake honor society,” Fleetwood Senior Hannah Kutz said.

This organization needs to be exposed in order to save high schoolers from the scam. It is a shame that an organization would humiliate and take away high schooler’s real accomplishments. People need to spread the word and stop this discreditable honor society from scamming more innocent students.

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