Junior Aliyah Levy Wins DeSales Scholarship

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Fleetwood junior Aliyah Levy has won first place in the DeSales Poetry contest with a prize of a free four-year tuition scholarship worth $120,000.

Levy has always enjoyed writing, and she plans to major in Creative Writing at DeSales.

“I have known that Aliyah was an amazing writer and especially an incredible poet since I had her in Creative Writing as a freshman. I made sure that I found her last year when she was a sophomore to let her know that I was teaching an advanced fiction writing course because I really wanted her to take it. This year I have her in English and she will be taking my advanced fiction writing class in the spring. Her poetic abilities are unlike anything I have seen since I began teaching. It comes to her very naturally, and she can write an amazing poem in a matter of minutes. On top of that, she is incredibly modest. She is not a fan of the attention she is being given for this amazing accomplishment, but she is extremely thankful. It is by far one of my greatest moments as a writing teacher,” English teacher Sarah Wilkinson said.

Levy’s poem is about how girls get criticized more than boys do, and it is written from a very personal and emotional perspective.

When someone wishes to enter a poetry contest, Levy recommends, that as long as the poem is true to that person, then they should not have to worry about anything.

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