FBLA to Host Workshops Each Month

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FBLA is helping kids to obtain jobs through their ‘Steps 4 Success’ workshops.

Some FBLA student members have decided to help their peers succeed in the workforce. Attending their workshops will give students the information they need to get and keep a successful job.

The leaders of these workshops are Megan Zimmerman, Travis Pytleski, and Kamille Orth. They hold these meetings on the third Wednesday of every month from 2:30-3:30 in Room #1. Each presentation is an hour long with an average of 5-10 people attending each workshop.

There are a total of eight workshops, and seven remain.

The first workshop was in September. That one was all about the search.  Zimmerman, Orth, and Pytleski focused this workshop on teaching their peers the way to go about finding a good job. The second workshop took place in October. During this workshop, they discussed resume applications, teaching them the importance of a good resume and how to create one.

The November workshop is all about dressing for success. This one is teaching kids the appropriate way to dress for interviews and or workplace scenarios.

The fourth workshop in December is all about networking. January’s is all about interview tips. All FBLA students will be learning how to go through with a successful interview. March teaches taxes, and the last workshop is all about budgeting.

“The workshop I am most excited for is the interview one; the lessons we teach in that one interest me the most,” Zimmerman said. 

“I hope that, when people attend our workshops, they will feel well-prepared to get the job they desire,” Pytleski said.

All three student workshop leaders hope to help their peers join the workforce with complete confidence and the right ideas on how to succeed.

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