Mass Shootings Continue in the US

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Imagine having a beloved place destroyed, something once seen as home now seen as rubble. This is what has happened and is still happening to those affected by mass shootings. Statistics have shown that there have been 307 mass shootings during 2018 in the U.S. alone.

Tel Orfanos was just one person who had experienced not one but two of these horrific events. Orfanos survived an extremely deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas but sadly passed during the recent Thousand Oaks shooting in California.

His fate has brought many questions to the surface. For example, what kind of world allows one person to endure any mass shooting, let alone two?  How are people affected by these shootings?  And, how can this be stopped?

The effects of mass shootings are reaching people who haven’t even been involved in one. Some people are afraid to do normal tasks because of these events.

“Whenever we get called to go out for a fire drill, or they tell the teachers to lock the doors, a little part of me gets really scared as to what could happen,” junior Sydney Mahmood said.

Others try their best to pretend it is not happening.

“These mass shootings make me uncomfortable; I don’t really think about it,” junior Jessica Merzy said.

Some fears even go beyond the physical threat; some concerns lay with society and humanity.

“It kind of scares me as to where our society is as a whole, but it doesn’t scare me in terms of my safety,” junior Mitchell Grim.

Can these events be prevented? Many people have many different views when it comes to stopping these dreadful events.

“I don’t think anything can be done specifically about the shootings.  I just don’t see how one thing can stop these terrible things from happening,” Grim said.

“I believe stronger gun control and support for people who are in need could really help or at least start preventing further loss,” said Mahmood.

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