Man Sentenced to Electric Chair

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Sixty-three-year-old Edmund Zagorski became the first man to be executed in the electric chair in Tennessee since 2017.  Zagorski was put to death 25 October 2018.

The action that caused him to lose his life was shooting two men and slitting their throats during a drug deal many years ago.

Edmund was pronounced dead at 7:26 p.m. in a Nashville maximum-security prison. When asked if Zagorski had any last words, he said “Let’s Rock.”

Reporter Adam Tamburin, with the Tennessean newspaper, stated that Edmund held a grin on his face until a sponge and helmet were placed over him.

Another reporter named Jason Lamb stated that Zagorski wore white prison trousers and a yellow shirt.

Kelly Henry, Zagorski’s attorney, was nodding, smiling, and tapping her heart just before his execution occurred.

“I feel like the way he died was what he deserved, but it is still a very morbid way to go.  I think he wanted to die by electric chair because he probably feared that he would live through the injection and go through all the pain of the aftereffects,” Fleetwood Area High School Senior Erini Zahariadis stated.

“I feel like the choice was a privilege given to him. To be completely honest, I see it as almost an act of mercy,” senior Sienna Cowley said.

He picked the electric chair instead of lethal injection because he wanted the notoriety the public is currently giving him by talking about it and publicizing it in the media.

“I believe he got what he wanted by seeking attention,” Cowley said.

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