Marijuana Is Sometimes Legal, but Still Debilitating

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Marijuana impacts the brain in many negative ways. The main cannabinoid found in marijuana that affects the brain is THC, which is similar to the brain chemical anandamide. These two chemicals reward the brain, encouraging addiction.

Humans have an Endocannabinoid System found in many areas of the brain. Our bodies’ natural cannabinoid, anandamide, acts upon this system. When pot smokers constantly smoke, THC throws off the balance of the body’s natural cannabinoids. The addiction begins because the body still needs to get this chemical, and this causes an urge to smoke more because the body is not producing it anymore.

States such as California believe that marijuana should be used medically for pain, muscle spasms, seizures, and nausea. Even Coca Cola is allowing Cannabis’s non-psychoactive chemical, CBD, to be in their products. Unfortunately, there are negative effects that show that the brain will not be able to function properly because it interferes with neurons.

A neuroscientist named Staci Gruber conducted an experiment between frequent and infrequent young marijuana smokers. It concluded with frequent smokers having damaged white matter.  The damaged white matter will cause young marijuana smokers to develop decision-making problems since their brain is still developing.

Another marijuana study conducted by Assistant Professor Jodi Gilman showed that marijuana smokers who smoked only once a week will have a decrease in brain volume, brain matter, and a lower IQ. These effects impair attention, memory, learning, and decision-making.

Psychosis and marijuana have also found to be linked together. Young males who frequently smoke marijuana are more likely to develop psychosis later in life. The chemicals in cannabis alter the brain’s chemistry. This has not been fully proven, but Dr. Birnbaum states, “if frequent consumers experience disturbing hallucinations while intoxicated then they have a predisposition of psychosis.”

Cannabis has been used for many studies about IQ, brain size, and psychological disorders. These effects need to be understood by current and future smokers so they can avoid these health problems.

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