Government Shuts Down over Border Wall

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Is Trump going to keep his biggest campaign promise?

President Trump has conceded to shut down the American government because Congress hasn’t provided funding for his pledged border wall.

Before Trump was elected, he guaranteed that border security would be increased with his proposition for a wall on the border of the U.S and Mexico. Trump’s reasoning behind this was to keep people from entering the U.S. illegally.

Trump and some democratic representatives met in the oval office recently to end the shutdown. The meeting was televised. They began to argue over the funding for the wall. When Congress refused to put up the funding, Trump threatened to shut the government down by blocking all funding from the government.

“I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down.,” Trump said during the meeting, in direct contradiction to later tweets from the Oval Office.

This would cause people who work federal jobs to not get their checks. Operations such as the post office would be closed. If the wall is built, Trump believes that the security of the country would be greatly increased. The downside is the massive amount of debt the U.S is already in. People are divided on what they believe the outcome should be.

“I don’t think that Trump will follow through, but I do support the building of the wall. I think the debt at this point should not be the main priority. When comparing the cost and the benefits, the benefits are more important,” senior Zack Rapp said.

“I do think that Trump will follow through with his threat because he believes so fully in the wall, which he has been talking about for years. He even asked the military to pay. We are already in so much debt, building the wall maybe won’t even accomplish what Trump wants,” sophomore Kenzie Miller said.  “I’m not going to go out of my way and say that I have a better idea, but I think that Trump should compromise with the people he works with rather than just threaten them.”

This one situation could possibly foreshadow what is to come when the House and the president are part of opposing parties.

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