MS-13 Gangs Members Arrested at Border

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Manuel Lopez-Gomez, an MS-13 gang member, was taken into custody in Arizona during an immigration stop by border patrol agents.

Gomez, 28, was fleeing from Mexico and caught by agents at the Yuma sector of the border. Three others were traveling alongside him.

At the same stop, agents identified another illegal immigrant, Andres Abel Garcia, who is a convicted felon for driving under the influence and causing bodily injuries.

Garcia’s driver was a 27-year-old man from Phoenix; he and his girlfriend were arrested at the scene for harboring an illegal immigrant.

When asked why they were trying to cross the border, the immigrants stated that they were going to Los Angeles to work.

Another Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang member, Jose Villalobos-Jobel, was arrested near the Calexico port of entry by agents who suspected him to be in California illegally.

Jobel told reporters that he traveled with the caravan of immigrants. He will be sent back to his native land of Honduras.

Miguel Angel Ramirez, 46, was released from prison in Honduras four months ago and has been held there for convicted murder.

He also had been serving ten years for a homicide and three years for robbery.

Ramirez also traveled with the caravan.

“They are trying to sneak into the country as ‘refugees’ and get open access to our country and cause terror. Border patrol is doing a good job; they could do an even better job if they had more help though,” Fleetwood Area High School Senior Erini Zahariadis said.

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