Belgium Hosts European Gull Screeching Championship

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Sound like a seagull? Think again. That’s just a human impersonating a seagull.

Belgium now hosts the European Gull Screeching Championship every year. Hosted in Adinkerke, Belgium, the contest is in its second year. Contestants came from all around Europe, including the countries of France and the Netherlands. The contest hopes to one day include contestants from Australia and the United States.

The contest was first created to show the people of Belgium, and all beach towns, that seagulls aren’t as bad as we make them out to be.

Students from Fleetwood have their own opinions on seagulls.

“They’re like sky rats,” Taylor Althouse said.

“I think they’re kind of annoying when you’re on the boardwalk and they follow you around because they just want your food, but they’re not bad,” senior Kayla Yasso said.

“They’re birds,” physics teacher Mr. Damion King said.

“I think they’re really cute and majestic,” Korrin Dietrich said.

Each contestant was scored out of twenty points by a panel of judges, fifteen for the noise they made, and five for the performance, including dressing up as a seagull as well as flapping his or her arms to imitate the coastal bird.

Two winners were crowned this year, Reggy Laatsch of Amsterdam and Bregje Iding of Hasselt, Belgium. Both contestants win bragging rights, as well as a basket of Belgian beer.

“I’m against them,” shop teacher Mr. Heck states. “I’ve seen them take pizza from human beings, and human beings need pizza. If they’re going to steal items essential to human life, then I don’t like them.”

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