Fleetwood and Schuylkill Valley Combine to Make Joint Lacrosse Team

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The FAHS girls’ lacrosse team’s season took off with a great start. Fleetwood girls combined with the Schuylkill Valley lacrosse team to work hard towards a wonderful season.

This is the third year that the Schuylkill Valley girls’ lacrosse team has existed and accepted Fleetwood players to join the team. The team consists of 35 field players and two goalies. The girls are run by three delightful coaches. Coach Rob Newpher is the goalie and attack coach, Coach Dustin Frantz focuses more on the attack and middle positions, and, lastly, Coach Kristin Newpher is the attack coach.

Since the Schuylkill Valley team started up later than most teams, their win-to-lose ratio isn’t the best. However, they have still won quite a few games, and they stick with and learn from the ones they lose.

Fleetwood Area School District doesn’t have its own team, so players are able to play for the Schuylkill Valley Panthers. All of the Fleetwood girls feel welcome and enjoy playing for their team.

“At first, I was nervous because I only knew a few of my friends from Fleetwood, but everyone is accepting, and I even play a varsity position as goalie!” Cloey Wessner, a junior at FAHS, said.

“Besides the cost, playing for Schuylkill Valley is really fun and an amazing opportunity to meet new people,” Sierra Moyer, another junior at FAHS, said.

The Schuylkill Valley girls also enjoy the combination of the team.

“I love the Fleetwood girls; they are super funny, and I’m so glad our teams are connected because I made a lot of cool new friends,” Julissa Sonon, a freshman at Schuylkill Valley High School, said.

The Schuylkill Valley Lady Panthers lacrosse team started off their season right and are still playing hard to the end.

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