850-Year-Old Notre Dame Catches on Fire

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On 15 April, the Notre Dame cathedral burned. The 850-year-old building was almost completely destroyed after firefighters had finally extinguished the blaze.

The cause of the fire is still up for speculation nearly a month after the fire itself. French investigators reportedly believe that the fault was electrical wiring.

Notre Dame itself was built in such a fashion that made the spread of flames almost too easy.

“The hulking framework of wooden beams that supports Notre-Dame is composed of huge pieces of timber, which is ripe for catching light. The supports are even called a ‘forêt’ (or forest) because they’re enormous pieces of oak,” Business Insider said.

Mass devastation flocked all media outlets for weeks after the Notre Dame news was spread.

“My heart is breaking seeing the fire at Notre Dame. I’ll never forget walking in the first time in Paris and being in awe of the beauty of it.” Singer Camila Cabello tweeted.

“Interrupting my birthday to express how much pain I’m in watching the Notre Dame fire unfold. Such an incredible building. I’m so sad,” Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams tweeted.

“It really was heartbreaking to see such a beautiful building get destroyed like that,” senior Melissa Dieda said.

Plans to rebuild the church seemed to begin before the cathedral flames were even put out. Over one billion dollars was raised only two days after the fire.

Billionaires and the average worker alike donated towards the rebuilding of Notre Dame, which could take decades to complete.

“I’d like to see the Notre Dame be rebuilt. I am also glad to see that many very precious artworks were saved,” junior Kayla Riffle said.

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