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FAHS’s Music Trip Adds to The Disney Magic

April 3, 2023 by


From February 26th through March 1st, students involved in FAHS music programs took a trip to Florida. Universal Studios and Walt Disney World were the featured major attractions. The trip itself runs once every four years.  Many students anticipated this outing for a long time, especially considering no other school trip is similar to it.  […]

Nation Wide Outages Affect Air Travel

February 17, 2023 by


Before the recent airline outages, a nationwide flight delay had not happened since 9/11.  “The FAA’s outage was the second major air travel disruption in less than a month and drew bipartisan criticism. Winter storms derailed holiday travel in late December, prompting widespread cancellations and a crisis at Southwest Airlines after it buckled from all […]

US Borders to Reopen for Vaccinated Travelers

October 31, 2021 by


Should the borders be reopened for those who are vaccinated? Regardless of one’s opinion, the U.S. plans to reopen its land borders with Canada and Mexico, but travelers need proof that they are vaccinated in order to travel or cross the border.  The Biden administration plans to lift travel restrictions at the borders starting in […]

Freshmen Go to Gettysburg

November 13, 2019 by


The Battle of Gettysburg, also known as the “turning point” of the Civil War, is where thousands of people gave their lives for their nation and their cause. On 4 October, the freshmen of Fleetwood Area High School were given the opportunity to see for themselves the history of Gettysburg. The field trip was all […]

850-Year-Old Notre Dame Catches on Fire

June 13, 2019 by


On 15 April, the Notre Dame cathedral burned. The 850-year-old building was almost completely destroyed after firefighters had finally extinguished the blaze. The cause of the fire is still up for speculation nearly a month after the fire itself. French investigators reportedly believe that the fault was electrical wiring. Notre Dame itself was built in […]

The Fifty States from Worst to Best: Part Two

April 29, 2019 by


In a previous article, The Tiger Times began its state rankings with states 50-26.  Here is the finale, states 25-1. Using criteria such as location, climate, culture, cities, diversity, and much more, we formed a list ranking the fifty states. Here are the top twenty-five states in the American union. 25. Kentucky–With big college towns […]

The Fifty States from Worst to Best: Part One

April 4, 2019 by


Ever wonder which states rank among the top (and bottom) in the nation? The Tiger Times has you covered with an entirely uncalled-for, unprofessional ranking of the Fifty United States, from worst to best. Location, culture, cities, diversity, climate, and numerous other factors were taken into consideration in these rankings. This installment will include states […]

Fleetwood To Visit Pigeon Forge, TN

March 28, 2017 by


On April 6-9, the Fleetwood Area High School music department will be departing for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, for their annual department trip. Students all across the department have been fundraising for several months to help pay for their travel and lodging fees. “I’m not very good at fundraising, but I received a fair amount of […]

Big Ben to Fall Silent for Maintenance

June 22, 2016 by


Big Ben will fall silent after 157 years. Situated in London, Big Ben was built 157 years ago and now is in need of refurbishment. The renovations will cost £29. The Elizabeth Tower, the tower that houses Big Ben, will also have renovations done. The tower was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in 2012 in honor […]

Disney Still The Most Diverse Tourism Experience

June 3, 2016 by


Many students and teachers have traveled to Disney World.  This is a place where families makes memories together–a place of fun, love, and adventure. Disney World consists of five theme parks and a big water park. Epcot has a range of events and rides to undertake. They include art galleries and delicious places to eat, not to mention plays […]

Italy Offers Numerous Wonders for Travel

May 31, 2016 by


Going to new places and experiencing new things is always a good way to get in touch with the world. There are so many adventures outside of Fleetwood; one of these is Italy. Italy was founded in 1861. One of the main cities in Italy that people tour is Rome. In the city of Rome, […]

Stockholm Is Clean and Healthy

March 9, 2016 by


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and self-proclaimed capital of Scandinavia and the northern European Countries. It has also been declared one of Europe’s cleanest and healthiest cities. As Sweden is both darker and colder than the cities with which Americans are familiar, it is very pleasant to visit between October and April, and therefore […]

Dominican Republic Makes A Great Vacation Spot

February 3, 2016 by


One of the things to do in the Dominican Republic is site seeing. Seavis tours are on the island called Bayahide. They have very unique indigenous reptiles and animals from the wild about which tourists can see and learn. On the outskirts of Punta Cana, there is a place called Pedrito Punta Cana. If you love […]

Gettysburg Gets Good Review

November 20, 2015 by


Unlike the retreating confederate forces on 4 July 1863, the rain stayed away from the ninth graders on their field trip this year. It was a nice day for the tours to the visitor’s center, Cyclorama, Cemetery Ridge, Seminary Boulevard, and Little Round Top. Freshman students and chaperones had an enlightening at Gettysburg on 9 October. […]

London Has Something For Everyone

October 15, 2015 by


As the capital of Great Britain, London has become one of the most popular European cities to visit during the past few years. With a good nightlife, even better shopping, and several sites that are all a must-see, it is a city worth visiting more than once. When it comes to places to stay, there is […]

Foreign Exchange is a Cultural Exchange

October 1, 2015 by


They leave their entire lives, and all they know about life, behind, just to go to a school somewhere in a different country for five or ten months. This year, Fleetwood Area High School has four exchange students.  They are from Japan, Romania, Denmark, and Sweden. They find life in America new and exciting (for the […]

Hawaii a Vacationer’s Dream

June 10, 2015 by


In the year 1959, the state of Hawaii was founded. There are many incredible sites there, and the weather is amazing. It is a wonderful place to travel with family, and there is a lot to experience. Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago in the area of the Central Pacific. It is divided up into eight […]

Fill Your Bucket List with These Vacations

March 20, 2014 by


Many of you may have heard of a bucket list, or maybe you have one of your own. A bucket list is a list of things to do or places to go before you die. There are an abundance of places you might want to check out in your lifetime. Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, […]

PA Offers Myriad Spring Break Travel Choices

January 28, 2014 by


As the long cold winter starts to dissipate, the fresh air and warm sunshine of spring rolls right around the corner. Along with this fresh degree of happiness comes a much celebrated event in the school year, Spring Break. A time of laughter and fun, Spring break is a time of enjoyment before the final […]

A Brief History of Fleetwood, PA

January 22, 2014 by


How much do people really know about Fleetwood? Do they consider it just a borough or a little town?  I bet some people think they know everything about Fleetwood, but do they really? Fleetwood was not always this small. The town was laid out in 1868 by Thomas Mellon. The town used to be called […]

Myrtle Beach Appeals to All

May 28, 2013 by


It’s that time of year again, when people start to think about vacations. Looking for a good place to go? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is one of the top vacation spots in the United States. Myrtle has fun for the entire family, with entertainment for children and toddlers, all the way up to a great […]

Roamin’ Gnome Returns from Tropical Travels

April 24, 2012 by


Hey, guys! Last time I talked to you, I was in Walt Disney World, Florida. This time I traveled to a different destination, and this time I mixed up my means of transportation. Sunday: I boarded the boat, a 10 deck high cruise ship which took me to my destination. The long four-day journey began around 4:00 […]

Hilton Head Island a Perfect Vacation Spot

January 24, 2012 by


Recently I had the opportunity to get away from school for a week and go down to Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head Island is a beautiful island located off the coast of South Carolina. The foot-shaped island is 12 miles long and roughly five miles wide; it boasts breathtaking beaches. There is so much to […]

Colorado Scenery, Elk Highly Prized

November 16, 2011 by


During the month of October, from the 14th to the 21st, I spent time in Colorado. Though I was tired from my early waking at 5:15 in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised by how sunny Colorado was when my plane landed at the Denver airport. After my father and I were picked up by […]