Reporter Bio: Abigail Lutcavage

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Abigail Lutcavage was born in Lehigh Valley Hospital on 25 January 2004.  She is the daughter of Jason and Sara Lutcavage. She has two siblings, a brother and a sister. When she was younger, Lutcavage took pleasure in playing her favorite childhood game, Twister. In her spare time, Lutcavage likes to occasionally read poetry and watch Grey’s Anatomy and Rick and Morty. Abigail also enjoys listening and grooving to Queen and Ed Sheeran. At home, you can catch Lutcavage being an animal lover who plays with her three pets, including her two cats and one dog. After high school, Lutcavage is planning to pursue a degree in psychology but is undecided on a college. Abigail’s life motto can be stated in two simple words, “Be kind!” In politics, Lutcavage is much more liberal and leans to the left on most topics of discussion. After school, you can catch her on the soccer field playing for Fleetwood. This is Lutcavage’s first year in journalism, and she is looking forward to informing the student body on current events.

By Jayra Chavarria

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