Reporter Bio: Maddie Musitano

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Tiger Time‘s newest reporter’s full name is Maddie Musitano. She was born in Philadelphia on 30 April 2004. She lived in Philly for the first few years of her life and then moved to Fleetwood. Maddie is fifteen-years-old and a sophomore. Musitano loves to spend time with her family, which includes her brother Mason and her sister Bella.  Most importantly, however, she live with her parents Jamie and Kara. Musitano has been in the Fleetwood Area District her whole life.  She attended Willow Creek for elementary school and attended both the Fleetwood Middle School and High School. Maddie Musitano is very involved in school and is a member of FBLA, for whom Maddie traveled to Texas because this summer. She is also an avid member of Student Council. At home, her favorite things to do are to read and write, and she joined Journalism because she wants to continue doing it in college. After finishing high school, she plans on moving to New York and furthering her education by pursuing her dream with Journalism. Reading and writing has always been very amusing and fun to Maddie; she has a passion for it, which explains why her favorite subject is English. Science is also a subject she likes to learn about, and it happens to always come easy to her. Musitano’s dream has always been to go to Italy and explore because that is where all her family is from and she wants to see where they came from. Her Italian heritage must also explain why Musitano’s favorite food is spaghetti.

By Alexa Long

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