German Club Makes Spaghetti Eis

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The German Club has a habit of making various foods from the German culture, such as black forest cherry cake. This time around, the club is going to make something a little odd.

Picture a plate of spaghetti and a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Now mash the two together. Spaghetti eis is what the German culture calls it. So what is it exactly, and what does it taste like?

It’s not as gross as it seems. Spaghetti eis is basically vanilla ice cream squeezed out of a noodle press topped with cherry syrup and either almond, or coconut, white chocolate flakes. This type of ice cream was popularized in the 1960s by Dario Fantanello from Germany.

Nowadays in Germany, a person can order spaghetti eis at eiscafes all over the country. It is among Germany’s most popular desserts.

On 23 May, Fleetwood’s German Club will be making their own spaghetti eis! However, Spaghetti Eis doesn’t go without its critics.

“For a dessert that already melts too quickly, the process of extruding it before eating just seems risky,” English teacher Zachary Houp said.  “It looks good if it’s spaghetti, it looks gross if it’s ice cream.  But I’d make it for my kids once out of novelty.”

“Spaghetti Eis is great. Not only does it taste good, but it also looks good. Contrary to Mr. Houp’s belief, it holds its shape quite well,” German club member Sam Ruemmler said.

German teacher Mrs. Christine Moll recommends that anyone interested in the delicacy join German club next year. If you are currently enrolled in a German language class, it is also advisable.

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