Reporter Bio: Veronica Nasados

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Veronica Nasodos was born on 17 November 2001 in an ambulance. Nasodos has five cats and one dog, adding up to a staggering six pets. Veronica enjoys drawing in her free time; she likes to draw anime, of which she is very fond. Reading and playing video games are other activities she likes to do in her free time.  Although she doesn’t have a favorite video game, fantasy is the genre of video game she enjoys most. Nasado’s favorite show is Steven Universe, and her favorite movie is Ponyo. Because Veronica is an anime enthusiast, Pokemon plays a major role in her life as well. A quirky fact about her is that, if she could be any animal, it would be a Fennec Fox because they are cute. If Nasados could pick any superpower, she would choose invisibility because of all the things she could do without any consequences. Veronica enjoys journalism because of the opportunity to put herself and her work out to be heard. Her future plans entail going to RACC for two years and then going to a school that has a good computer programming department. After school, her future aspiration is to design video games. When asked what Crayola crayon color she would be, Veronica answered “Macaroni and Cheese.”

By Tyler Hartline

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