Reporter Bio: Aliyah Levy

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On 19 September 2001 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Aliyah Levy was born. As a child, Aliyah favored reading because oftentimes, when she would be at home watching TV, “America’s Most Wanted” would come on, which would spark fear in the young girl because she felt as though the criminals would somehow get her. In her opinion, her mother would view her as funny, smart, and extremely advanced. Aliyah continues to be advanced in high school and at home.  While continuing to participate in track and field and maintaining two jobs, she has made numerous accomplishments throughout her high school career, but the one that stands out the most is the fact that she was given a full scholarship to DeSales University after entering a writing contest. Although Aliyah is still considering Desales, the college application process is a very large part in her life right now. Howard University is her top choice, and she plans to major in African American Studies and get her Bachelor’s Degree in American literature in hopes of eventually earning her PHd and becoming a professor. After all of her hard work in college, Aliyah hopes to eventually have two kids, preferably boys, and live out the rest of her life in Atlanta, Georgia.

By Nisha Savino

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