Reporter Bio: Aaron Poper

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Aaron Poper was born on 16 December 2001 and is the youngest of four. His brother, Adam, is Fleetwood’s assistant Cross Country coach, and his brother, Ryan, served in the Navy and is becoming an officer for the National Guard. After finishing his senior year, Aaron doubts he will go to college. Going to college does not appeal to him because of the outrageous cost and how students graduate feeling that the world is owed to them. Instead, Aaron is looking to attend a trade school to get an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and go through the Police Academy.

For fun, Aaron spends five or more hours per day listening to independent political commentators and talk radio shows. He strongly recommends listening to multiple shows and viewpoints.

“I’m a Daily Wire subscriber. I love listening to Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles for conservative politics. When it comes to liberal politics, I really enjoy Tim Pool. He rationalizes a lot of my opinions,” Poper said.

Aaron does not care for journalism. He is a part of The Tiger Times this year because he has to have Mr. Houp as a teacher for his senior year and third consecutive year in a row.

“Yeah ,Mr. Houp is pretty cool,” Poper said.

Aaron had Mr. Houp for English during his sophomore year and was a reporter for his junior year. Poper looks forward to being one of the few that actually writes about Fleetwood, and not events from faraway places.

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