Reporter Bio: Alyssa Padilla

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Alyssa Marie Padilla was born on 27 October 2001. She is a senior at Fleetwood. Padilla went to Wilson until tenth grade before coming to Fleetwood. Padilla’s favorite subjects are English and History because they are easy and fun, but she dislikes math and science. Padilla currently works at Blandon Pharmacy. In the future, Padilla would like to study law.  She says, in ten years, she would like to be done with college, own a house, and maybe be married. She also wants to start a family as well. Padilla is involved in Debate Club at Fleetwood.  She says she is excited for prom and she hopes to make the most out of her senior year. However, she is nervous yet excited to graduate. Padilla’s biggest role models are her dad and stepmom because they do so much and she does not know how they do it. She also would like to have met Rosa Parks if she could have met anyone in history. Padilla’s favorite television show is The Office, her favorite book is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, and her favorite artists are Billie Eilish and Post Malone. Some of Padilla’s fears are drowning because she can not swim well, and she hates heights because they really “freak her out.” Padilla’s idea of happiness is a good headspace, being content, and being at peace with one’s surroundings. Her happiest memory is her sweet sixteen because all of her friends and family were there and it was a fun night. When it comes to being a reporter, Padilla says she is eager to write about world events.

By Amber Weiss

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