Reporter Bio: Hannah Medina

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Hannah Medina was born on 31 December 2003 in the city of Reading, PA. Her earliest memory is of when she was in kindergarten and soup was spilled on her. As a child, Medina was afraid of the dark. Medina is very active and has been ice skating for the past six years. Hannah is also an animal lover and has a corgi named Toby. The person Medina looks up to the most is her older sister, who is in the infantry. The reason she is taking journalism is that she has an interest in journalism and enjoys to write. In school, Medina believes she is a well-rounded student; however, she admits she is not very organized. Hannah’s favorite subject in school is art, and her least favorite subject is gym. Medina listens to indie music, and her favorite artists to listen to are Still Woozy and Catfish & The Bottlemen. Outside of school, she spends her free time reading or skating. If given the chance to become any animal, she decided she would want to become a bird, mainly because she would want to be able to fly. Her life lesson to share is, “Be nice to everyone!”

By Anthony Penaloza

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