Fleetwood Homecoming Offers a Wide Range of Events to Show School Spirit

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What’s a better way to spend a weekend than to join Fleetwood Area High School in various fun events to show school spirit? 

Homecoming at Fleetwood Area High School is a fun and creative way to bring the student body together. There are many activities for students during the school day as well as after. During the school day, students have the chance to play in the annual powderpuff football game.

 That same day, Fleetwood hosts a parade to show school pride. The next day is the football team’s homecoming game. 

Many students enjoy this time of year, but other people believe that the students that attend BCTC are not involved as much as those who do not. Most students do not know, but the teachers and students are the ones who decide who is on the homecoming court.

“Homecoming is a good way to bring together the school, but I think there should be more inclusion with the BCTC kids,” history teacher Mr. Todd Weiss said. 

“[Student Council] finds out who is on the homecoming court by holding a meeting and counting the votes,” economics teacher Mrs. Dina Heffner said. 

Most students have varying opinions on what is the best part of homecoming.

“The bonfire is the best,” senior Alexa Brady said.

“I think if, I had to pick, I would say the football game on Saturday night would have to be my favorite part of homecoming,” senior Jassen Alexis said. “It brings the student body together and involves everyone.”

The point of homecoming is to have fun but be safe at the same time.

“It is a great way to get everyone in the school involved, and it is also a fun time,” senior Dan Arsmie said.

Fleetwood hopes to see many students at homecoming showing their school pride.

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