Pewdiepie Involved in Another Scandal

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Youtube’s largest star, Pewdiepie, is caught up in yet another scandal.

Felix Kjellberg, publicly known as Pewdiepie, announced he was going to donate $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in his celebratory video for surpassing 100 million subscribers. Fans quickly took to the comments of the video, as well as Twitter, to express their feelings about ADL and Pewdiepie’s donation towards the group. Felix made a separate video explaining why he decided to pull the donation. 

“I made the mistake of picking a charity I was advised instead of picking a charity that I’m personally passionate about,” Kjellberg said in the video.

Pewdiepie is no stranger to controversies. In 2017, he paid two men to hold up an anti-semitic sign. That same year, he was caught using racial slurs in a live stream. He saw the donation to ADL as a “opportunity to put an end to these alt-right claims” against him. 

The ADL has spoken outright against Pewdiepie, which is why many fans thought it was strange for him to be donating to the organization.

“Why would you give $50,000 to a company that has talked about you in a negative way?” Fleetwood junior Mason Reimert said.  “With (Pewdiepie’s) personality, he basically does and says exactly what he wants. So when he wanted to pull the donation, he probably didn’t even think twice.  I think maybe fans made him aware of certain aspects of ADL.”

Connor Ammon, a Pewdiepie fan and sophomore at FAHS, supported his fanbase.

“He is a genuine good person; he made a mistake and admitted to it,” Ammon said. 

Pewdiepie still plans to donate the money to charity but has yet to decide which one. He plans to take his time with this donation and said he wants to do it properly.

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