Five Brands of Seltzer Water; One Will Prevail

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Fellow reporters and seltzer drinkers, Abigail Lutcavage and Hannah Medina, reviewed different brands of seltzer water to see which was the best.

“Seltzer is a very elegant and refreshing beverage. I feel that everyone should relish in the enlightenment and riveting experience of seltzer drinking,” Lutcavage said.

To make the competition fair, each brand was reviewed for its lime flavor.

The first brand reviewed was the Giant store brand.

“That’s electric; however, not as electric as McDonald’s Sprite,” Medina said.

Overall, the store brand seltzer was given a score of 7/10. 

“This seltzer certainly gave me some of that electric shock in the mouth that we were looking for; however, the brand was lacking on the flavor,” Lutcavage said.

The next brand tasted was La Croix.

“It tastes like someone electrocuted water and then shouted ‘lime’ from a safe distance,” Hannah said.

La Croix earned only a 3/10.

“This brand not only lacked flavor but also lacked that refreshing fizz,” Lutcavage said.

The reviewers were skeptical about finding a drink worse than La Croix; then came Perrier.

“This drink tastes like water that was left in the car for too long,” Lutcavage said.

The score given to Perrier was only a 2.5/10.

Bubly was quite the contender. This seltzer not only had the refreshing fizz but also quite a bit of flavor.

“This actually tasted like lime and not electric water that was shouted at from a safe distance,” Lutcavage said. 

Overall, Lutcavage and Medina gave Bubly a total score of 6.5/10.

The last brand reviewed was Polar.

“God himself hand-crafted this,” Medina said.

Polar had a great sound, amazing fizziness, and, overall, an incredible flavor profile.

Lutcavage and Medina gave Polar seltzer the winning score of  9.5/10.


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