Fleetwood Stadium Finds Its Footing with New Turf

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The new stadium turf is one thing to talk about.  More important is how excited and pumped these players are about the turf on which they get to play.

Fleetwood Area School District purchased brand-new stadium turf this year. It has more cushion than the old turf and shows the brand new Tigers’ logo.

There was a lot of excitement when players found out they were getting new turf and there was going to be a new Tiger logo instead of just a big red dot.  The new turf was not yet done being built until the beginning of the school year.

“The new turf is not as choppy, and the new design is very cool,” Senior and football player Alan Synder said.

Snyder likes the new turf a lot, for a lot of different reasons.

“It was really exciting because we did not have field practic,e and we heard there was going to be a new logo and it was going to look fresh,” Synder said.

But some players are in disagreement on whether or not the Fleetwood Area School District and players are gaining much from this new turf.

“I do not think we benefited from the new turf, but it was time for a new one,” Senior Aidan Negron said.

Out of everything, the players were most excited about the logo. The new turf and logo gave them a thrill at the very first game, and it was a fresh start to the season.

“It got us pumped up.  Coming out on the first game got us ready to play,” Synder said.

“I do not think it got us pumped up at all,” senior Derek Sadlar said.

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