Fleetwood Boys Soccer Dominates Lancaster Mennonite for their 13th District Championship

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In a battle between Fleetwood and Lancaster Mennonite, Fleetwood players enjoyed victory in avenging last year’s loss. Their great achievement resulted in the Tigers’ thirteenth district championship.

Fleetwood junior Hunter Smith scored the winning goal after dribbling down the sideline with six minutes, twenty-five seconds remaining in overtime. 

 Smith was fired up once overtime had hit, and he applied offensive pressure to Lancaster Mennonite

“I felt like I was on cloud nine,” Smith said.  “As a forward, I love scoring goals, but scoring in a championship game–and the championship winner!–is so much better. It is one of the best feelings.”

Seniors Aidan Negron and Tyler Hartline scored as well. 

All-State Aidan Negron’s goal occurred in the first half, shortly after Mennonite had scored. Consistently throughout the season, he had put his team in great positions like this. 

“I felt like the game swayed back our way after I scored,” Negron said. 

His goal had given Fleetwood space to breathe briefly. Mennonite scored shortly after, leading the Tigers 2-1.

All-Berks midfielder Tyler Hartline knew he had to step up in order to tie the game once again. Hartline is the only senior chasing his first gold as a Tiger. Prior to joining the team, he had played with PA Classics, and he has since served as a distinguished guard to Fleetwood’s defense.  Hartline is a disciplined player on both sides of the ball.

“Once I had scored, I felt exhilarated. It was a great feeling,” Hartline said.

Fearless on defense, Fleetwood dominated the second half. The defensive line, consisting of Mathew Avila, Andrew Slusser, Ian Snyder, and Jonathan Hope played aggressively and with heart, preventing most of the shots on goal. Nonetheless, these boys did face some issues.

“They had a very smart center midfielder who knew how to play, penetrating balls to their forward. We limited how often they both got the ball to stop them,” All-Berks defender Andrew Slusser said.  

Mennonite began to get choppy in the second half. A red card was issued on one of their players after a vicious slide tackle into Fleetwood goalie Wesley Seaman’s groin.

Seaman was taken out of the game for a few minutes but had decided on his own that he wanted to continue.

Fleetwood was now playing with one more player than Lancaster Mennonite.

In overtime, a Lancaster Mennonite breakaway occurred. Wesley Seaman took the initiative in order to stop it.

“A moment of clarity. It became simple. I can either step up and make a save or sit back and risk the shot. I stepped up, and in hindsight, I am glad I made the choice I made,” Seaman said.

“We love each other. That’s as simple as it gets. We play for each other and hang out all the time. We are always there for one another,” Snyder said. 

These boys play through adversity and have developed chemistry throughout the years. It has helped them get this far.

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