Fleetwood Students Enjoy Hunting Season

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The 2019 Hunting season has come and gone, and it was a popular recreation for Fleetwood students.

Rifle season started earlier than usual this year; instead of the Monday following Thanksgiving, it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Many fine young Fleetwood students  started hunting around the same age.

“[I started]  when I was ten years old,” junior Conor Heck said.

Nikolas Stella, a sophomore, also began around the same age.

“I started hunting when I was ten years old,” Stella said.

“I think deer are majestic creatures.  They are beautiful, smart animals that take skill to hunt,” Wesley Seaman said.

“All deer are appreciated from small Bambis to large bucks,” junior Noah Mojia said.

“When one hunts, they hunt so that there can be another day, a day filled with joy and family, a day that you can share with others with the carcass of the deer you shot.  You and your family enjoy the meat from this deer; this is how hunting can bring folk together,” Stella said.  “Hunting brings people together and helps you create and build bond.”

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