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Alexis Templin, also called Lexi, was born at Lehigh Valley Hospital on 15 February 2005. She currently attends Fleetwood Area High School and is in tenth grade. In five years, she would like to still be in college so she can be majoring in education. What she is most excited about in life right now is the way her school career is currently going with her grades. The TV character she would identify herself with would be Patrick from Spongebob, mostly because she considers herself to never be aware of what is going on around her. Her most recent wish she had was for her parents to let her do online school this year for the whole year.

Alexis’s best childhood memory was going camping with close friends and family. Her favorite type of music is R&B. What she likes to do in her free time would be to draw and paint, and she doesn’t participate in any sports, but she used to play softball for two years. Alexis has two pets; she has a dog named Mina and a cat named Cali.

Lexi would call herself “in-between” because she likes to travel but she likes to stay at home. When she does travel, she prefers small groups. If she could have any exotic pet, it would be a tiger, and if she could be any spirit animal, it would be any angelic bird.

The silliest thing someone said about her would be that “she has a big head, but people with big heads are usually the prettiest.”

One thing on her bucket list would be to move to Europe. When she goes on vacation, it’s usually at Ocean City, Maryland.

Some ridiculous goals she has in life would be to go skydiving and break at least one bone to see what it feels like. Her favorite fairytale is Pinocchio, and the cartoon she still watches is Spongebob. She is not part of any clubs or fundraisers, and the most spontaneous thing she has done would be to ride the Dominator at Six Flags.

Lexi loves conspiracies, and the scariest dream she has had was her whole family getting murdered. One of her weirdest thoughts is, Why are certain facial features placed where they are? Finally, the one made-up word Lexi would like to add to the dictionary is “Oop!”

By Carissa Blankenbiller

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